Becoming a Franchisor

Thinking of becoming a franchisor?

Call us to discuss what is involved in setting up a franchise and operating as a franchisor.

Franchising is a dynamic business model where franchisees buy the right to use your brand, intellectual property, sell your products or services and receive training and ongoing support to grow their business.

Franchising is not a set and forget business so as a franchisor you need to be financially and emotionally capable of leading your network of franchisees and supporting their business with the agreed services. This can also be very rewarding as you help others invest in their future whilst also helping to grow your business.

Franchisors have specific legal obligations under the Franchise Agreement and by law. Take a look at the Franchisor Compliance Manual provided by the ACCC as it gives an outline of key responsibilities of franchisors. We can also educate and support you on how to be a good franchisor and achieve your business expansion plans.

Franchisor Compliance Manual

If the responsibilities of a franchisor are not what you are after, then you have other options as  alternate business models are available to grow your business. For example, you may be able to License your business, which would result in fewer upfront and ongoing duties and obligations.

Whether you are considering Franchising or Licensing your business, take advantage of our Free Consultation to explore how either approach could work for your business and what is involved for you personally as the franchisor or licensor.