Recruitment Problems




Ongoing recruitment of new Franchisees is critical to the success of your franchise and low sales or no sales is a common problem for mature franchise systems……even for some early stage franchises that have cut corners.

A common assumption for recruitment trouble is the asking price is too high. It may well be but it is usually because franchise candidates do not see the value in what they are buying or there is a poor approach to the recruitment process.

So before you drop your price, critically and honestly review areas such as:

  • Market & industry conditions
  • Competitor offerings & style
  • Strength of your brand
  • Strength of your customer proposition
  • First impressions from your website
  • Recruitment process, tools & timeframes
  • Have you got the wrong people doing recruitment? Style, energy & pitch?
  • Existing Franchisee and social media advocacy or criticism?
  • Feedback from candidates that walked away

CEO Consulting will independently and expertly assess your recruitment problems and develop a plan to help you start growing again. Ask yourself…”What is the real cost and opportunity cost of not recruiting?” It will be a big number!