Starting a Franchise

Need expert help to start a franchise or are you thinking about how to franchise your business?

We will help you realise the benefits of franchising your business, including:

  • Growing your brand reach and value
  • Expanding your sales or store network
  • Expanding using the money and labour of franchisees
  • Outsourcing staff hire and management to franchisees
  • Creating leverage with suppliers by having a bigger business
  • Diversifying the risks in your business
  • Making your business more attractive to buyers, investors or successors

We are Australia’s leading franchise consultants and we work out the best way to franchise your business and achieve your goals within your budget.

No matter what industry you are in or what stage your business is at, we will develop the right options for how to franchise your business and help you grow. We handle everything from helping you develop or clarify your business strategy, through to the commercial and operational design of your franchise model, setting franchise royalties, fees, supply margins and performance measures as well as ensuring you have the best legal advice and customised franchise agreements.

We also develop your marketing plans to launch your franchise and prepare your Operations manual and franchisee recruitment and training programs.

What we do is very niche and critically important to your franchise as we cover a variety of commercial, financial, operational and legal areas that very few Consultants can solve and bring together.

Even if you are not sure whether you want to franchise or if you are ready to franchise, call us to understand what is involved and how franchising may help or impact your business.

We give honest, straight forward, practical advice that is drawn from years of experience at CEO level as well as grass roots business and operational levels.

We work on a fixed fee basis so you have certainty about costs and we work until the job is done properly. You don’t receive bills for extra hours or variations. Our clients tell us we are a cut above the rest and they couldn’t have done it without us – we get results and we are very affordable for the expertise and value we deliver to clients.

Call Robert Graham now on 0407 105613 to find out how we can help you start your franchise or to obtain a free franchise proposal and quote.

In your first free consultation we will be able to quickly tell you:

  • if you are ready to franchise
  • where you are likely to make money in franchising
  • what is involved in franchising
  • what you need to consider to successfully franchise your business

Until then, here are some topics you might want to think about related to how to franchise your business.


Smart Ways to Franchise

Customising your Franchise

Territories & Mapping

Site Selection & Fitouts

Websites & Social Media