Operations Manuals

Franchising is about following proven systems, procedures and techniques. Franchisees pay a license fee to access these features and they expect the critical information to be bundled up in an easy to access format.

The Operations Manual is usually the format chosen by Franchisors to record the “how to” and policy and procedure aspects of the franchised business. It is also a rule book and contains additional rules and policies that are not contained in the Franchise Agreement.

The Operations Manual is a dynamic document as it is continually updated with product details and best practice changes.

Preparing an Operations Manual can be a significant undertaking and the content and quality of the Manual is usually a good measure of the quality of the franchise system.

Operations Manuals do not always have to be 100’s of pages long but it is common for them to be over 50 pages.

The cost of having an Operations Manual prepared by a professional can range from $10,000 to $40,000.

Many start up franchises do not have that sort of money so the next best option is to prepare the Manual yourself with guidance and editing from professionals like ourselves. This can save substantial money and whilst time consuming it is a useful exercise for you to revisit the detailed operating procedures and policies of your business whilst becoming familiar with the new provisions that arise from creating your franchise model.

Accessing an Operations Manual these days is very easy as there are many file sharing platforms and portals that Franchisors can use to provide online storage, updating and sharing of the Manual.

Whether you need help to prepare your Operations manual or you plan to do most of it yourself, talk to us before you decide or before you start so we can explain the options available to you and the best way to go about it.