How to franchise your business profitably and properly. You need a franchise expert on your side.

Thinking about franchising your business?

Here are the key reasons why other Australian businesses owners have franchised their business:

  1. Accelerate the growth of the distribution or store network (faster than what they can do or finance themselves)
  2. Accessing points of representation they cannot reach by themselves (eg interstate or overseas markets)
  3. Leverage other peoples money and resources to grow the business (Franchisees put up the capital and labour)
  4. De-risk the business (divesting risks or elements of the business to Franchisees)
  5. Reducing the volume of staff management issues (passing staff management responsibilities to Franchisees)
  6. Building the brand
  7. Creating a viable exit plan to realise larger capital gains on sale of the business

Franchising can be a smart way to grow your business faster and bigger than what you could achieve by yourself, so if you are thinking of franchising, you need a franchise expert working with you from the start to properly plan and design your franchise model and to make sure it is profitable for you and your franchisees.


CEO Consulting specialises in helping business owners plan, prepare for & create their Franchised business. We help transform small businesses into bigger businesses. We are experts in how to franchise your business and how to start a franchise the right way.


With you we work through a range of commercial, financial, operational & legal matters. We bring together all the things you need to consider and do to design, build and launch your franchise. We customise your franchise model to your objectives and your industry and market situation, helping to give you a business that is not only legally compliant but importantly, commercially and operationally well put together and likely to be more attractive to Franchisee buyers. We also work with you to help with recruiting your first Franchisees and supporting you in your role as a Franchisor.

We are able to provide you with advice and services from some of Australia’s best Franchise specialists (Consultants & Lawyers) and we offer honest and best practice advice at very affordable prices.

Our website contains some great preliminary information to help you understand what is involved in starting a franchise and growing your business via franchising. We also offer free initial consultations to help you explore what is involved in franchising and how it can benefit your business. Take advantage by speaking to real experts with real experience in franchise start ups and franchise development.