How to bring your franchise brand to Australia

Australia continues to be an attractive market for expansion of international franchise brands. With a robust franchise regime and consumer, business and landlord markets that support franchise brands, there are many opportunities for franchisors.

The key to introducing international brands to Australia is localisation and resourcing.

Localisation is the fine tuning of the brand, systems and product range to local market tastes and customs. You must preserve the core of your brand and offering but you must also recognise each market is different. Even within Australia there are differences between customer preferences and habits.

Resourcing relates to the people side of the franchise. How will your Australian franchise be supported? Will you have people on the ground or will you run it from another country? Typically, the franchise gets more traction and enjoys more success if you have locals involved.

CEO Consulting helps international franchises with not just the planning and implementation of their Australian franchise business but also we provide either short term local support as your representative or we work with your team to provide local franchise expertise and business support as you build scale in your business and grow to a point where you later have your own full time staff.

Contact us to discuss the best way to bring your franchise to Australia and the best way to launch and support your brand.