How to franchise. Get >$100,000 free fitout

Whether your franchise involves retail stores or warehouses, there are ways to structure and negotiate premises Leases so the landlord makes a significant cash contribution to the fitout. For Franchisors this is a huge opportunity.

Retail and food & beverage franchises can usually negotiate $40,000 – $200,000 fitout contributions depending on the location,the landlord and the deal structure. This is possible even from powerful landlords like Westfield.

Depending on how the deal is put together, Franchisors are often able to retain the fitout contribution themselves, even if the premises are transferred to a Franchisee, so you can develop stores on a turnkey basis, sell to a Franchisee before or after the store is opened, and if you wish, keep the fitout contribution.

CEO Consulting will help you as Franchisor develop your strategy for how to franchise so you achieve these large contributions as part of your franchise model and operations. Call now to find out how. Ph 0407 105 613 and ask for Robert Graham.