How to Franchise Your Business in Australia

Successful franchising depends on a lot more than just preparing a set of legal documents. There are many ways to franchise and many variations on franchise models that can be developed to customise a franchise model that achieves your financial and strategic objectives. So here is how to franchise your business successfully.

You need to engage a franchise expert before you engage a franchise lawyer. Franchise experts, like Robert Graham at CEO Consulting work with Australian and International clients every day on how to franchise their businesses and how to grow their franchises.

It does not matter what industry you are in, to franchise properly and set up for success, you need a franchise expert  like Robert to investigate and assess your business concept and determine the best way to design and develop your franchise model. The model is all the strategic, financial, commercial and operational terms and requirements that combine to create your franchise business and the paperwork that forms the basis of the legal agreements and franchise manuals.

A good franchise expert will gain an understanding of your business, your industry and your objectives and then start to frame up and test various scenarios to see if they suit your circumstances and to see if the franchise is likely to be viable for you and your franchisees. This is like working with an Architect to design and plan a house before starting to build.

Once the key elements of the franchise model have been decided, the franchise expert will start to create your franchise. This involves working with specialist franchise lawyers to prepare all the legal paperwork and to make sure the paperwork accurately reflects the design brief and provides the necessary commercial advantages and legal protection for you and your business. The franchise expert will also work to create or oversee a series of marketing and operational documents including the marketing material to promote the franchise opportunity, recruit franchisees and build brand awareness.  The operational documents will typically include Operations manuals, franchisee training programs and launch programs for stores or new franchises.

To find out more about how to franchise your business in Australia visit the CEO Consulting website or call Robert Graham directly on 0407 105613 for a free consultation.