Recruiting Franchisees in Tough Market Conditions

Franchise groups have experienced tough recruitment conditions for the last 2 years with tightening of Bank lending for business purchases and a glut of businesses for sale.

But 2 major brands did grow strongly – Gami Chicken & Beer and Degani Cafes.

So how have they managed to grow and recruit when other franchises have flatlined or closed many stores?

CEO Consulting has been working with both brands on their growth and recruitment programs. A combination of tactics have been used to distinguish the brands from competitors to generate and convert leads. But 2 critical factors have always been important in recruitment:

  1. Developing trust with the buyer and understanding their needs and objectives; and
  2. Having real business discussions with the buyers so they get the information they need (within Code limitations) and so they can properly engage with their advisors and Bankers.

Too many franchise groups leave franchise recruitment to inexperienced staff or agencies. Really, who is going to buy a franchise from you when their early contact is with a 20 year old or someone who has never run a business or dealt with Banks, Accountants and Lawyers?

Franchisors need to have some of their best and most experienced people in recruitment. If you don’t have any or can’t spare any, then bring in help from truly experienced and honest franchising and recruitment specialists like CEO Consulting.

Call us to talk about how you can do better.

Franchisee recruitment